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The World Record Of Maximum English Grammar Formulae Written By An Individual Is Achieved By Govardhan. K R (Founder Of Khaki Academy Malur) On 4 March 2023 In India. He Wrote 7000 English Grammar Formulae In 4 Hours 55 Minutes 2 Seconds On 20 February 2023 At Government First Grade College, Malur, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, And Has Set A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

About world record holder Govardhan. K R

The world was stunned when the news broke that Govardhan. K R had set a world record for the maximum number of English grammar formulas written by an individual. People were curious about how he had managed to achieve such a feat. They wondered who he was and what motivated him to do something like this.

Govardhan was the founder of Khaki Academy in Malur, a small town in the southern state of Karnataka in India. He had always been passionate about the English language and grammar. He believed that mastering grammar was the key to effective communication.

On 20th February 2023, Govardhan arrived at the Government First Grade College in Malur, where he was going to attempt the record. He sat down at his desk, took a deep breath, and began writing. The clock began ticking, and the world watched in amazement as he wrote one formulae after another.

The hours passed by, and Govardhan continued to write, his hand moving swiftly across the page. The sweat dripped down his face, but he didn't stop. He was determined to achieve his goal.

Finally, after 4 hours, 55 minutes, and 2 seconds, Govardhan put down his pen. He had done it! He had written 7000 English grammar formulae, setting a new world record. The news spread like wildfire, and the world took notice.

But what drove Govardhan to achieve this incredible feat? Was it his passion for grammar, or was there something else that motivated him? Nobody knew for sure, but one thing was certain - Govardhan had left a mark on the world. His name was etched in the Worldwide Book of Records, and he would be remembered for generations to come.

As people pondered over Govardhan's achievement, they couldn't help but wonder who would be the next person to break his record. The question hung in the air, leaving people curious and intrigued, and the world waited with bated breath for the next chapter in this incredible story.


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