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One of the best ways to grab Media attention and enhance the sense of pride. There's nothing quite like the presence of an Official Worldwide World Records Judge.

                      BENEFITS OF INVITING A JUDGE  

                                              IMMEDIATE PROCESSING                                

                                     DETAILED GUIDELINES EXPLAINED                      

                                           ON SPOT VERIFICATION                                      

                                                 MEDIA COVERAGE                                           



To Invite A Judge, please follow the details given below:
Final Attempt Day (Event Day):
  • To get On Spot Verification of a Record Attempt, you can invite a Judge from the Worldwide Book of Records

  • On the Spot Certificate presentation once the attempt is successfully made.

  • Presence of a Judge to interact with the Media if required.

  • Fees – INR 1,00000/-

Please note:
  • Fees do not include Travelling, Hotel accommodation (minimum 4 stars or equivalent), food, local transport, and local taxes (if any).

  • To invite the Adjudicator, you need to submit the invitation fee in advance. Worldwide World Records will then share an agreement confirming the presence of the Judge.

To have more information, feel free to contact our Worldwide World Records Management Team at:

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