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YOUNGEST AUTHOR (FEMALE) - World Record by Ayesha of Delhi, India

The World Record For Youngest Author (Female) By Is Achieved By Ayesha On 16 February 2023 In Delhi, India. She Wrote A Book Of 116 Pages Titled "Ayesha Stories" At The Age Of 5 Years 5 Months 3 Days Only And Has Set A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

About world record holder Ayesha

Ayesha is a young girl with a passion for storytelling, and her dream is to become the youngest published author in the world. Despite discouragement from her parents and teachers, she never gives up hope of achieving her goal.

One day, Ayesha has a brilliant idea for writing a book of short stories called “Ayesha Stories”. She begins writing late at night when everyone else is asleep, and soon enough she completes the 116-page book.

Now that she has written the book, Ayesha sets out on a journey with her parents to Delhi India – home of the world record for the youngest published author. Along the way, Ayesha and her family face several obstacles including language barriers, cultural differences, and financial struggles.

At last, they reach Delhi and despite all odds, Ayesha successfully publishes her book at the age of five years five months three days – making her officially the youngest author in the world and entering her name in the Worldwide Book of Records.

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