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World Record For Fastest Time To Recite Hanuman Chalisa (Youngest Kid - 9 -12 Yrs) -by Soham Saklani

The World Record For Fastest Time To Recite Hanuman Chalisa (Youngest Kid - 9 -12 Yrs) Is Achieved By Soham Saklani On 13 September 2023 In Sujanpur Tihra, Himachal Pradesh, India. He Recited Hanuman Chalisa In 1 Minutes 2 Seconds At The Age Of 11 Years 11 Months 23 Days And Has Set A World Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records. In the small town of Sujanpur Tihra, Himachal Pradesh, India, a young boy named Soham Saklani created history on September 13, 2023. At the tender age of 11 years, 11 months, and 23 days, Soham achieved a remarkable feat by reciting the Hanuman Chalisa in an astonishingly fast time of 1 minute and 2 seconds. This incredible achievement has earned him the title of the youngest kid to hold the world record for the fastest time to recite the Hanuman Chalisa, and his name has been proudly entered in the esteemed Worldwide Book of Records.

Soham Saklani: A Young Talented Individual

At such a young age, Soham Saklani has proved himself to be an extraordinary talent. He possesses an unwavering dedication, immense focus, and a deep-rooted devotion towards Lord Hanuman. His determination to overcome challenges and push his limits has set him apart from his peers. Soham's exceptional skill and unfaltering faith have been recognized not only within his community but also at a global level.

An Extraordinary Record-Breaking Performance

Soham's incredible feat of reciting the Hanuman Chalisa in just 1 minute and 2 seconds is a testament to his exceptional abilities. The Hanuman Chalisa is a revered hymn consisting of 40 verses dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the epitome of courage, strength, and devotion in the Hindu mythology. It is recited by millions worldwide as an act of reverence and prayer. Soham's remarkable achievement showcases his remarkable memory, concentration, and deep spiritual connection.

The Significance of Setting World Records

Achieving a world record is no easy feat, especially at such a young age. Not only does it require exceptional talent, but also perseverance, discipline, and a strong belief in oneself. By setting a world record, Soham has not only made his mark in history but has also become an inspiration for young individuals around the globe. His accomplishment shows that age is no barrier when it comes to achieving greatness.

Soham's Journey of Dedication and Practice

Soham's journey towards this world record was not an overnight success. It involved years of dedicated practice, countless hours of memorization and recitation, and an unwavering commitment towards his goal. Soham's parents and mentors played a crucial role in nurturing and guiding his talent. Their constant support and belief in his abilities provided him with the necessary encouragement and motivation to excel.

Recognition and Impact

Soham's incredible achievement has garnered widespread recognition and admiration. His name will forever be etched in the Worldwide Book of Records, a testament to his extraordinary talent and perseverance. Soham's accomplishment will inspire countless young children to dream big, pursue their passion, and overcome any obstacles they may face. His story serves as a reminder that with dedication and determination, anyone can achieve greatness.


Soham Saklani's record-breaking performance in reciting the Hanuman Chalisa at such a young age is a true testament to his talent, dedication, and unwavering faith. His incredible achievement will be remembered for years to come and has left an indelible mark in the history books. Soham's story serves as an inspiration for aspiring young individuals worldwide, showing them that age is no barrier to achieving greatness. Congratulations, Soham Saklani, on this phenomenal accomplishment! Soham Saklani, at the age of 11 years, 11 months, and 23 days, recited the Hanuman Chalisa in an astonishing time of 1 minute and 2 seconds, setting a world record and becoming the youngest kid to achieve this feat. Read about his remarkable journey and the impact of his achievement.


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