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Smallest Martyr's Memorial Made By An Individual - Sawai Lal Suthar Of Rajasthan, India

The World Record Of Smallest Martyr's Memorial Made By An Individual Is Achieved By Sawai Lal Suthar On 23 February 2023 In Ramgarh, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. He Made A Martyr's Memorial (Measuring Length 8 Mm And Width 2 Mm) In 27 Minutes And Has Set A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

About world record holder Sawai Lal Suthar

Smallest wooden martyr's memorial in

the world

Wooden Arts is a handicraft that is very famous in the Indian state of Rajasthan. In this art, people make different types of artifacts on wood, example of this wood art, Sawai Lal Suthar's son Mr. Bhojaram Suthar, in the border village of Ramgarh, Jaisalmer (Sonar Garh) district, located in the far west of Rajasthan state, aroused interest in his ancestral work. Making the world's smallest martyr's memorial on teak wood (length 8 mm width 2 mm, time taken to make 27 minutes) has achieved a world record.

Introduction to wood art - Sawai Lal's wood artwork with his father and elder brother Swaroop Ram Suthar does the ancestral work of furniture while introducing his unique and unusual intellectuality, this saying has been tested on the test of truth. no proof needed

Sawai Lal has dedicated this wonderful artwork to the Indian Army, through this skill the carpenter has made his talent even better. In his two or three attempts, the carpenter has made a martyr's memorial smaller than a microchip and he is in this wooden art. want to be more proficient,

Suthar aspires to get India's highest civilian honor Bharat Ratna and get his name mentioned in that list.

Artist's words - Sawai Lal believes that if a person has patience, discipline, and determination towards his work in his life, then he can reach any stage and in any field like - art, literature, education, science, and sports. Can get a respectable position in service.


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