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Maximum Rope Pull-Ups In 30 Seconds - World Record By Akhil Joyan Of Kerala, India


The World Record Of Maximum Rope Pull-Ups In 30 Seconds Is Achieved By Akhil Joyan On 11 April 2023 In Vellarikundu, Kerala, India. He Did A Total Number Of 20 Rope Pull-Ups In 30 Seconds And Has Set A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

About world record holder Akhil Joyan

Akhil Joyan, a young passionate athlete from Vellarikundu, Kerala, India, has always dreamed of breaking world records in athletics. On April 11th, 2023, he finally achieved his goal of breaking the maximum rope pull-up record in 30 seconds.

Akhil was both nervous and excited as he got ready to begin the challenge.

The referee began counting down as Akhil started pulling on the rope with all of his strength. His family and friends cheered him on while everyone else watched in awe as he went higher and higher up the rope.

At the end of thirty seconds, Akhil had achieved a total of twenty pull-ups - an amazing feat! After a brief moment of shock, everyone erupted into cheers as Akhil accepted his award with pride and humility.

While accepting his award, Akhil thanked everyone.


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