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Maximum Number Of Somersaults Underwater -World Record By K. Chandrashekera Rai From India

The World Record Of Maximum Number Of Somersaults Underwater In One Minute Is Achieved By K. Chandrashekera Rai On 13 April 2023 In Mangalore, Karnataka, India. He Did 28 Somersaults Underwater In One Minute And Has Set A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

About world record holder K. Chandrashekera Rai

K. Chandrashekera Rai was a professional swimmer who had dedicated his life to breaking world records. He had been very passionate about this since he was a young boy, so when he heard about the world record for the maximum number of somersaults underwater in one minute, he was determined to beat it.

On the day of the attempt, he arrived at Mangalore swimming pool with his team of coaches and supporters. He looked out over the quiet swimming pool before him and took a deep breath. Taking out his stopwatch, he descended into the depths of the swimming pool and began to somersault through the water.

He counted each somersault carefully, quickly losing himself in a rhythm and feel as if he were flying through the depths of the swimming pool. When he finally emerged from beneath the surface, there was a roar from all those watching onshore as they saw that K. Chandrashekera Rai had successfully achieved 28 somersaults underwater in one minute and created a worldwide book of records.


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