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Youngest Kid To Perform Maximum Number Of Religious Activities - World Record By Nidaan Of India

The World Record For Youngest Kid To Perform Maximum Number Of Religious Activities Is Achieved By Nidaan On 4 March 2023 In Goraya, Punjab, India. He Performed 25 Religious Activities (Mantras, Stotram Etc.) In 5 Minutes 19 Seconds At The Age Of 5 Years 2 Months 18 Days And Has Set A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

About world record holder Nidaan

Nidaan is a precocious 5 Years 2 Months 18 Days old boy living in Goraya, Punjab, India. He comes from an orthodox Hindu family and has been taught to revere their religion from a young age. As Nidaan grew, he realized he had no interests or hobbies outside of his faith. One day, his parents approached him with the idea of setting a world record for the youngest child to perform the maximum number of religious activities. To everyone's surprise, Nidaan agreed without hesitation. The challenge began as Nidaan starts learning mantras and reading religious books while his family coaches him on different rituals. As the days pass by, Nidaan starts to excel in his studies and becomes more and more prepared for the achievement of the record. Finally, on 4th March 2023, Nidaan performs 25 religious activities in Goraya, Punjab.


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