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World Record Of Fastest Time To Identify And Recite Logos Of 50 Cars (Yonegst Kid) by Haizam Shihab

The World Record Of Fastest Time To Identify And Recite Logos Of 50 Cars (Yonegst Kid 3 - 5 Yrs) Is Achieved By Haizam Shihab On 24 October 2023 In Kannur, Kerala, India. He Identified And Recited Logos Of 50-Cars In 52Seconds And Has Set New A World Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.


Fastest Time To Identify And Recite 50 Car Logos By A Youngest Kid Is Achieved By Jithesh Kannan On 1 March 2023 In Juffair, Manama, Bahrain. He Identified And Recited 50 Car Logos In 58 Seconds At The Age Of 4 Years 5 Months 6 Days And Has Set A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

The Remarkable Achievement

Haizam Shihab's ability to identify and recite the logos of 50 cars at such a young age is truly awe-inspiring. Considering his tender age of 3 years, this achievement becomes even more extraordinary. Haizam's passion for cars and his exceptional memory have made him a marvel in the eyes of the world.

The Record-breaking Moment

On that historic day of 24 October 2023, in the vibrant city of Kannur, Haizam Shihab took center stage and showcased his remarkable talent. With an audience eagerly awaiting his performance, Haizam confidently identified and recited logos of 50 different cars within a span of just 52 seconds. His deep knowledge of various car brands and their visual identities left everyone in awe. The crowd erupted in applause as Haizam completed his extraordinary feat, shattering previous records and leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed his talent.

Recognition from the Worldwide Book of Records

Haizam Shihab's incredible achievement did not go unrecognized. The Worldwide Book of Records, an esteemed organization that acknowledges extraordinary feats, quickly took notice of Haizam's talent. The organization officially recognized his remarkable accomplishment, awarding him the world record for the fastest time to identify and recite logos of 50 cars by a child aged 3 to 5 years.

A Talented Prodigy

Haizam Shihab's remarkable talent extends beyond his extraordinary ability to identify and recite logos of cars. Even at such a young age, Haizam has displayed an exceptional memory and a profound interest in various subjects. His thirst for knowledge and his eagerness to explore the world around him have captivated the hearts of many.

Nurturing Young Talent

The achievement of Haizam Shihab serves as a reminder of the importance of fostering and nurturing young talent. It is crucial for parents, educators, and society as a whole to recognize and support the unique abilities of children. By providing children with the opportunities and resources to explore their interests, we enable them to unleash their full potential and achieve remarkable feats.

Inspiring Future Generations

Haizam Shihab's extraordinary achievement is an inspiration to young children around the world. It goes to show that age is no barrier when it comes to talent and passion. Haizam's story encourages children to believe in themselves, follow their passions, and never underestimate their own potential.


Haizam Shihab's world record for the fastest time to identify and recite logos of 50 cars is a testament to the extraordinary talent and dedication found in young minds. His remarkable achievement serves as a reminder of the limitless potential that resides within every child. Haizam's story inspires us all to embrace our passions, nurture our talents, and reach for the stars, no matter our age.


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