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World Record For The Longest Time To Perform The Plank With Weight - By Shivendra Pachauri

The World Record For The Longest Time To Perform The Plank With Weight Is Achieved By Shivendra Pachauri On 1 November 2023 In Shikohabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. He Held Himself In The Plank Position With A Weight Of 271 Kg For 30 Seconds And Has Set A World Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

In the world of fitness and determination, there are many records that individuals strive to break and achieve. One such remarkable accomplishment has been achieved by Shivendra Pachauri, who has set the world record for the longest time to perform the plank with weight. On 1st November 2023, in Shikohabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, Shivendra held himself in the plank position with an astounding weight of 271 kg for 30 seconds, securing his place in the esteemed Worldwide Book of Records. This article delves into the incredible feat and showcases Shivendra's expertise, authority, and trust in the field of fitness.

The Record-Breaking Plank:

Shivendra Pachauri's extraordinary accomplishment in the plank exercise has established him as a true pioneer in the fitness world. With unwavering determination and sheer strength, Shivendra managed to hold himself in the plank position, a physical feat that demands tremendous core strength, stability, and endurance. The additional challenge of a weight of 271 kg added an extra level of difficulty, making this achievement all the more impressive.

Setting a World Record:

Securing a place in the Worldwide Book of Records is no small feat. Shivendra's ability to hold the plank position with a weight of 271 kg for 30 seconds sets him apart as a real champion in the fitness industry. This remarkable accomplishment not only showcases his physical prowess but also reflects his commitment to pushing beyond one's limits and achieving the seemingly impossible.

The Significance of the World Record:

Shivendra's achievement has far-reaching implications in the fitness world. It serves as an inspiration for fitness enthusiasts across the globe, encouraging them to set their own goals and strive for greatness. This world record provides evidence that with dedicated training, unwavering determination, and a strong belief in oneself, extraordinary achievements can be attained, no matter how daunting the challenge may seem.

Shivendra Pachauri's Fitness Journey:

Shivendra's journey towards this groundbreaking accomplishment is a testament to the power of perseverance. Through years of rigorous training, discipline, and an unwavering passion for fitness, he has transformed himself into a true fitness icon. Shivendra's commitment to his craft, coupled with his unyielding belief in his abilities, has propelled him to new heights and earned him a well-deserved place in the record books.

The Importance of the Plank Exercise:

The plank exercise is renowned for its ability to strengthen the core muscles, engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, and improve overall stability. It is a fundamental exercise in any fitness regimen, providing a solid foundation for other movements and activities. Shivendra's record-breaking plank with weight highlights the significance of this exercise and its capacity to push the boundaries of physical fitness.

Inspiring Others:

Shivendra's extraordinary achievement serves as an inspiration for individuals around the world. His record-breaking plank showcases the power of setting ambitious goals, working tirelessly towards them, and ultimately overcoming obstacles. Shivendra's unwavering determination and incredible physical strength demonstrate that anything is possible with the right mindset and dedicated effort.


Shivendra Pachauri's world record for the longest time to perform the plank with weight is a true testament to his exceptional abilities and unwavering dedication to fitness. Through this remarkable feat, Shivendra has not only set a world record but also inspired countless individuals to believe in their own potential and strive for greatness. His achievement will be remembered in the annals of fitness history, and his name will forever be associated with the epitome of physical strength and endurance.

Achieving an extraordinary feat, Shivendra Pachauri has set the world record for the longest time to perform the plank with weight. Discover how his unwavering determination and physical prowess achieved this incredible milestone.Additional information: Lightweight markdown language like Markdown or CommonMark.


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