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Most Types Of Dosa Made By A Group- Achieved By Department Of Marine Catering And Hotel Management

The World Record Of Most Types Of Dosa Made By A Group Is Achieved By Department Of Marine Catering And Hotel Management In India. The Department Of Marine Catering And Hotel Management Organized An Event For Making Different Types Of Dosa On 23 January 2024 At Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College Of Science Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, Where A Total Of 37 Participants Participated In The Event And Made 200 Varieties Of Dosa In 100 Minutes And Has Set A World Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records. This Record Is Attempted Under The Guidance Of Hod C.Sureshkumar And Faculties.


The World Record of Most Types of Dosa Made by a Group

In the realm of culinary achievements, one Indian institution has recently made waves by setting a remarkable world record. The Department of Marine Catering and Hotel Management at the Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College of Science in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, organized an event on 23 January 2024 that has captured the attention of food enthusiasts worldwide.

The Event

Under the guidance of HOD C. Sureshkumar and dedicated faculty members, a total of 37 participants came together to showcase their culinary skills. In just 100 minutes, this talented group managed to create an astonishing 200 varieties of dosa, each one more delicious and unique than the last.

Setting a New Standard

The team's impressive feat did not go unrecognized. The Worldwide Book of Records officially recognized their achievement, solidifying their place in culinary history. This unprecedented accomplishment has not only raised the bar for dosa-making but has also highlighted the incredible talent and dedication of the individuals involved.

A Culinary Marvel

Dosa, a popular South Indian dish, is a versatile and beloved staple in Indian cuisine. Made from a fermented batter of rice and lentils, dosa can be prepared in countless ways, with a wide range of fillings and toppings to suit every palate. The Department of Marine Catering and Hotel Management's record-breaking event showcased the creativity and skill that goes into crafting this beloved dish.

Celebrating Diversity

With the creation of 200 unique dosa varieties, the event emphasized the rich diversity of Indian cuisine. From classic combinations like masala dosa to innovative creations featuring exotic ingredients, the participants demonstrated the endless possibilities of dosa-making. This celebration of culinary diversity not only delighted the taste buds but also served as a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of Indian chefs.

A Feast for the Senses

The aroma of sizzling dosas filled the air as participants worked tirelessly to create their masterpieces. The sound of batter being spread on hot griddles and the sizzle of toppings cooking to perfection added to the excitement of the event. Every dosa was a work of art, meticulously crafted to perfection and bursting with flavor.

What Does This Record Mean for Culinary Innovation?

Setting a world record for the most types of dosa made by a group is no small feat. This achievement highlights the endless possibilities of Indian cuisine and the innovative spirit of chefs around the world. By pushing the boundaries of traditional dosa-making, the Department of Marine Catering and Hotel Management has inspired future generations of chefs to think outside the box and explore new culinary horizons.


In conclusion, the world record set by the Department of Marine Catering and Hotel Management is a testament to the creativity, dedication, and talent of Indian chefs. This achievement not only showcases the rich diversity of Indian cuisine but also serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities that culinary innovation can bring. Congratulations to the participants and organizers for their extraordinary accomplishment in the world of dosa-making!


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