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Maximum Multiplication Tables Recited In Reverse Order (30 To 1) - World Record By Thoka Sivaji

 The World Record For Maximum Multiplication Tables Recited In Reverse Order (30 To 1) Is Achieved By Thoka Sivaji On 11 May 2023 In Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He Recited Multiplication Tables From 30 To 1 In Reverse Order In 5 Minutes 35 Seconds At Age Of 9 Years 2 Months 7 Days And Has Set A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

About world record holder THOKA SIVAJI

Thoka Sivaji, a young boy from a small village in Telangana, India, had always been fascinated with numbers and mathematics. He was determined to do something extraordinary with his love for numbers and make his village proud.

One day, while practicing multiplication tables, Sivaji got an idea - why not try reciting them in reverse order? He started practicing rigorously every day, trying to recite the tables as quickly as he could.

Finally, on May 11th, 2023, Sivaji participated in the world record attempt for maximum multiplication tables recited in reverse order. The tension was palpable as the clock started ticking. Sivaji began to recite multiplication 30 to 1 table

The parents and friends watched in amazement as Sivaji continued without faltering. His voice grew louder and more confident with each table he completed. The judges looked on in awe as he reached the lower numbers.

Finally, after just five minutes and thirty-five seconds of recitation, Sivaji completed the task and set a new world record! The entire parents erupted into cheers as confetti rained down on him.

Sivaji's achievement brought pride not only to his village but also to the entire nation of India. His name would go down in history books as one of the youngest world record holders ever.

From that day on, Sivaji became an inspiration for children all over India who wanted to achieve something extraordinary in their lives. He showed that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their dreams and make their mark on the world.


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