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Maximum Knuckle Push-Ups With 5kg Weight In 30 Seconds - World Record By Sourabh Chayal

The World Record Of Maximum Knuckle Push-Ups With 5kg Weight In 30 Seconds Is Achieved By Sourabh Chayal On 5 May, 2023 In Patiala, Punjab, India. He Did A Total Number Of 51 Knuckle Push-Ups With 5 kg Weight On His Back In 30 Seconds And Has Set A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

About world record holder Sourabh Chayal

Sourabh Chayal, a young man from Patiala, Punjab, had always been passionate about fitness. He had been training for years to achieve the world record of maximum knuckle push-ups with 5 kg weight in 30 seconds. His hard work and dedication finally paid off on May 5th, 2023.

The day of the record attempt was nerve-wracking for Sourabh. He had trained for months and followed a strict diet to ensure he was in peak physical condition. As he stepped up to the stage, he knew that all eyes were on him.

The audience cheered as the timer started, and Sourabh began his push-ups. With each rep, he could feel his muscles burning with exertion. But he pushed through the pain and focused on his goal.

As the seconds ticked away and sweat dripped down his face, Sourabh kept going. He refused to give up or slow down, no matter how exhausted he felt.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the timer beeped. Sourabh had completed an incredible 51 knuckle push-ups with a 5kg weight in just 30 seconds! The crowd erupted into applause as Sourabh collapsed onto the ground in exhaustion and triumph.

But this world record was not just about physical strength; it was also about mental fortitude and dedication. Through sheer willpower and determination, Sourabh had achieved what many thought was impossible.

As word of his amazing feat spread around the world, Sourabh became an inspiration to people everywhere. His story showed that with hard work and focus, anything is possible. And for him personally, it marked a new beginning - a journey towards even greater achievements in fitness and beyond.


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