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Maximum Diwali Hatri Collected For Recycling -Achieved By The Swachgiri Foundation

The World Record Of Maximum Diwali Hatri Collected For Recycling Is Achieved By The Swachgiri Foundation In Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, India. The Foundation Initiated A Recycling Campaign For Diwali Hatris And Collected And Recycled A Total Of 6000 Hatris And Used The Soily Sand In Tree Plantation On 15 Feb 2024 To 22 Feb 2024 And Has Set A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.


The Swachgiri Foundation in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, India, has achieved a remarkable world record by collecting the maximum number of Diwali hatris for recycling. This initiative not only highlights the importance of environmental sustainability but also showcases the dedication and commitment of the foundation towards creating a greener and cleaner future.

The Recycling Campaign

The Swachgiri Foundation initiated a recycling campaign for Diwali hatris, which are traditional earthen lamps used during the festival of Diwali. These hatris are usually discarded after the festival, leading to environmental pollution and waste accumulation. However, the foundation saw an opportunity to turn this waste into a sustainable resource.During the campaign, the foundation collaborated with local communities and businesses to collect and recycle a total of 6000 hatris. This impressive feat not only raised awareness about the importance of recycling but also encouraged others to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily lives.

Tree Plantation Initiative

After collecting the Diwali hatris, the Swachgiri Foundation took a step further by using the soily sand from the hatris in a tree plantation drive. From 15th February 2024 to 22nd February 2024, the foundation planted a variety of trees using the recycled sand. This innovative approach not only helped in tree growth but also demonstrated the creative ways in which waste materials can be repurposed for environmental benefit.

Setting a Record

By collecting and recycling 6000 Diwali hatris and using the soily sand in tree plantation, the Swachgiri Foundation has set a record for the Worldwide Book of Records. This achievement not only recognizes the efforts of the foundation but also serves as a benchmark for future sustainability initiatives. In conclusion, the Swachgiri Foundation's achievement in collecting the maximum Diwali hatris for recycling and using recycled sand in tree plantations is a testament to the power of community collaboration and environmental stewardship. This record-breaking feat inspires us all to think creatively about waste management and work towards a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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