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The World Record For Large Number Of Kids Made Portraits Of Mahatma Gandhi In One Hour (Single Venue) Is Achieved By Govt. Vocational Higher Secondary School, Kadirur & ArtKerala Muzris On 15 February 2023 In Kerala, India. Govt. Vocational Higher Secondary School, Kadirur & Artkerala Muzris Organized The Event On 30 January 2023 At Govt. Vocational Higher Secondary School, Kadirur, Kerala, India, Where A Total Number Of 2091 Participants Participated In The Event And Made Mahatma Gandhi's Portraits On A4 Canvas In Hour And Took Pledge Against Drug Addiction And Has Set A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

About the event for Large Number Of Kids Made Portraits Of Mahatma Gandhi In One Hour (Single Venue) !!!

In the vibrant town of Kadirur, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Kerala, something extraordinary was about to unfold. The Government Vocational Higher Secondary School, in collaboration with Artkerala Muzris, had planned an event that would not only showcase artistic talent but also ignite a powerful message of unity and resilience.

On the auspicious day of January 30th, 2023, the school grounds buzzed with anticipation as a diverse group of 2091 participants gathered for a unique challenge. Their mission? To create Mahatma Gandhi's portraits on A4 canvases within just one hour. The air was filled with excitement as artists of all ages and backgrounds prepared their brushes and paints, ready to embark on this creative journey.

As the clock started ticking, an incredible symphony of colors and strokes filled the atmosphere. Each participant poured their heart and soul onto their canvases, capturing the essence of Mahatma Gandhi's wisdom and compassion. Through their artistry, they paid homage to his principles of peace, non-violence, and equality.

But this event was more than just an artistic endeavor. It was a collective stand against a pressing challenge that affected communities worldwide - drug addiction. In addition to creating these awe-inspiring portraits, each participant took a solemn pledge to fight against drug addiction in their lives and support those struggling with it.

The energy within the school grounds was palpable as time flew by in a whirlwind of creativity. With every stroke of their brushes, participants expressed their determination to bring positive change into the world. The atmosphere crackled with hope as they recognized that small acts could make a significant impact.

Finally, as the hour drew to a close, there was a collective sigh of accomplishment resonating through the air. The portraits stood tall as powerful symbols of inspiration and resilience. A sense of achievement washed over everyone present as they realized that not only had they created art but also set a new record for the Worldwide Book of Records.

News of this extraordinary event quickly spread, touching hearts across continents. People marveled at the unity displayed and the message of hope that emanated from Kadirur. The event became a shining example of what humanity could achieve when bound together by a common purpose.

In the aftermath of this momentous day, Kadirur and its residents became beacons of inspiration. Their commitment to art, social issues, and making a positive impact rippled throughout the world, encouraging others to embrace their own unique abilities for the betterment of society.

And so, the legacy of that unforgettable day in Kadirur continued to inspire generations to come, reminding them that creativity, unity, and the power of collective action can create profound change in our world.


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