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Higher educated Specially Abled Person - Inspiring Human

This Certificate Is Awarded To Aboobacker SIDHEEK AKBAR, Who Is 26 Years Old And Only 67.05 Cm In Height And Weighs 25 Kg And Is 95% Physically Disabled Since Birth, For His Achievement Of Higher Education And Being An Inspiration For Mankind. His Dedication Towards Education, His Aim, Motive And Commitment Are Highly Admired And He Achieved Accolades From The Worldwide Book Of Records On 7th February 2023.

About Inspiring Human AbooBacker SIDHEEK AKBAR

Born without both lower limbs and one upper limb also spinal code bend. In his left hand, three fingers are bedded each other. Congenital left hand (95℅) belongs to the Severe category. Reassessment is not required due to permanent disability. he started his study in a normal school, Then his secondary school education completed then join in a higher secondary +12 level, after passing the final exam he joined an Arts college and passed his Bachelor's degree. Then join in University of Calicut campus for his post-graduation degree MSc and completed and passed his PG in his favorite subject Computer Science. About him, it is a great achievement. Also inspiring others. Now he is 27 years old and traveling in a wheelchair. Again he is going for a coaching class for a government job. Early he attended 22 webinars at the time of covid season from his home and earn participant certificates. His physic is height 67.05 cm and weight is 25 kg.


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