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Fastest Time To Recite Names Of 197 Countries - By Nishchal Malhotra

The World Record For Fastest Time To Recite Names Of 197 Countries Is Achieved By Nishchal Malhotra On 12 August 2023 In Delhi, India. He Recited Names Of 197 Countries In 1 Minutes 7 Seconds And Has Set A World Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

In an extraordinary display of memory and linguistic prowess, Nishchal Malhotra, a resident of Delhi, India, has set a new world record for the fastest time to recite the names of all 197 countries. On 12th August 2023, in front of an awe-struck audience, Nishchal accomplished this incredible feat in a mere 1 minute and 7 seconds. His outstanding achievement has earned him a place in the Worldwide Book of Records, solidifying his expertise, authority, and trust in the field.

The Triumph of Memory and Talent

Reciting the names of almost 200 countries in such a short span of time requires exceptional memory and linguistic skills. Nishchal Malhotra's accomplishment not only showcases his remarkable talent, but it also serves as an inspiration to others. His ability to effortlessly recall and articulate the names of countries reveals his deep understanding and knowledge of global geography.

Breaking Down the Record

Nishchal impressively recited the names of 197 countries within a miraculous timeframe of just 1 minute and 7 seconds. This incredible speed demonstrates his expertise and fluency in the subject matter. It highlights his years of dedication, practice, and passion for broadening his knowledge of the world.

A World Record for the Worldwide Book of Records

Nishchal Malhotra's remarkable achievement has earned him a place in the prestigious Worldwide Book of Records. This recognition further solidifies his position as a world-class expert in geographical knowledge. Nishchal's name will forever be etched in history as the individual who achieved the fastest time to recite the names of all 197 countries.

Inspiring Others

Nishchal's extraordinary accomplishment is not only a testament to his own abilities but also serves as an inspiration to others. It encourages people to push their own boundaries, demonstrating that with dedication and hard work, extraordinary achievements can be attained. Nishchal's record-breaking feat motivates individuals worldwide to strive for greatness in their chosen fields.

Becoming a World Record Holder

Setting a world record is an extraordinary accomplishment that requires unparalleled dedication, determination, and expertise. Nishchal Malhotra's achievement is a testament to his unwavering commitment to mastering the art of reciting country names. His success showcases the rewards that await those who are willing to invest the time and effort into honing their skills.


Nishchal Malhotra's astounding achievement of reciting the names of all 197 countries in an astonishing 1 minute and 7 seconds cements his place as a true expert in the field. His world record-breaking feat exemplifies his exceptional memory and linguistic abilities. Nishchal's accomplishment inspires people to strive for greatness and serves as a reminder of the incredible feats that can be accomplished with passion and dedication. Discover how Nishchal Malhotra achieved the world record for the fastest time to recite the names of all 197 countries, solidifying his expertise and authority in geographical knowledge.


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