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FASTEST TIME TO EXTRACT PATIENT'S TOOTH-World Record by DR. Sarju Vasu of Banglore, Karnataka, India


The World Record Of Fastest Time To Extract a Patient's Tooth Is Achieved By Dr. Sarju Vasu On 28 February 2023 In India. She Extracted A Patient's Tooth In 29 Seconds At Her Clinic "Miles Of Smiles Dental Care And Surgery Center" In Bangalore, Karnataka, India, And Has Set A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

About world record holder Dr. Sarju Vasu

Dr. Sarju Vasu, with decades of experience in dentistry, is well known in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, and is known for her world record for the fastest time to extract a patient’s tooth in 29 seconds on 28 February 2023.

Dr. Sarju Vasu has spent years treating innumerable patients with innovative techniques to achieve Minimal Invasive, Painless Procedures and Quick Healing methods in the art of dental surgery. She is a multi-dimensional professional with varied interests in Women and Child Empowerment, Rural Development and is an Educationist, Ergonomist, and Graphologist besides being a competent professional athlete in aqua sports.

Dr. Sarju Vasu is the top dentist at the clinic, known for her excellent skills in extraction and dental surgery. It was said that she had a magic touch, and patients who went in for procedures came out feeling like it was a breeze.

One patient, in particular, had come in that day with a badly infected tooth that needed to be extracted. Despite his fear and apprehension, she trusted Dr. Vasu and allowed her to work her magic. What followed was nothing short of miraculous.

In just 29 seconds, the tooth was out, and the patient was left amazed and pain-free.

Her name will forever be etched in the Worldwide book of records, leaving every aspiring dentist and curious onlooker wondering how she managed to achieve this incredible feat. Dr. Vasu has set the bar high for dentists all around the globe.

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