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Youngest Kid To Memories Most Tata Car Models In 1 Minute- World Record By E.S.Shahil

The World Record Of Youngest Kid To Memories Most Tata Car Models In 1 Minute Is Achieved By E.S.Shahil On 17 May 2023 In Derby, England, United Kingdom.

He Memorised 33 Car Models Of Tata Cars Evolution In 1 Minute At The Age Of 3 Years 4 Months 19 Days And Has Set A World Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

About World Record Holder E.S Shahil

In the charming town of Derby, England, a remarkable young boy named E.S. Shahil took the world by storm on a sunny day in May 2023. At the tender age of just three years, four months, and nineteen days, he accomplished an extraordinary feat that left the world in awe.

E.S. Shahil possessed an incredible memory and an insatiable curiosity for cars. His passion for automobiles was like no other child his age had ever shown before. With every passing day, his knowledge grew, and his love for Tata cars soared to new heights.

As time began ticking away, young E.S. Shahil's mind ignited like a brightly burning flame. His eyes sparkled with excitement as he effortlessly recited one car model after another with astonishing accuracy and lightning speed. The audience watched in sheer amazement as this tiny prodigy flawlessly named each car model without hesitation or error.

Thirty-three Tata car models were etched into his memory within those sixty fleeting seconds. It was an astonishing achievement that left everyone astounded and speechless. E.S. Shahil had not only set a new world record but had also secured his place in the prestigious Worldwide Book of Records.

News spread like wildfire around the globe, inspiring people of all ages to believe in their own limitless potential and the power of determination in achieving greatness. E.S. Shahil became a symbol of hope for dreamers everywhere, proving that age knows no bounds when it comes to accomplishing extraordinary feats.

From that day forward, E.S. Shahil's name became synonymous with ambition, perseverance, and an unwavering dedication to one's passion. He continued to inspire the world with his remarkable memory and insatiable thirst for knowledge.

As he grew older, E.S. Shahil embarked on a journey to explore the vast world of automotive engineering. His remarkable talent caught the attention of renowned car manufacturers and educational institutions alike. With their support and guidance, he went on to become a celebrated engineer, revolutionizing the future of automobile design.

E.S. Shahil's story serves as a constant reminder that no dream is too big and no challenge is too daunting when fuelled by passion and an unyielding belief in oneself. His incredible achievement will forever inspire generations to reach for the stars, reminding us all that within each individual lies the potential to achieve greatness.

So let E.S. Shahil's extraordinary accomplishment be a beacon of hope and inspiration for all those who dare to dream big and chase their passions relentlessly. After all, in this vast tapestry of life, it is our unique gifts and unwavering determination that can change the world in ways we never thought possible.


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