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Identifying Many Items At a Very Young Age By Vivaan Pankaj - Appreciation

This Certificate Is Awarded To Vivaan Pankaj From Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India, For Identifying Many Items At a Very Young Age. His Talent And Ability To Recognize And Remember At The Age Of 2 Years 8 Months 6 Days Is Appreciable And He Successfully Achieved Accolades From The Worldwide Book Of Records On 18 April 2023.

About Vivaan Pankaj

At the age of two and eight months, Vivaan Pankaj had already developed a remarkable talent for identifying and memorizing items. He had to learn to verbally identify even the smallest of items like screws and keys. His parents were always surprised at the speed and accuracy of his identification.

Vivaan's parents were amazed, but they knew they had to do something to help him develop this skill further. So they contacted a group of childhood development specialists in their city, Raipur, India, who agreed to evaluate Vivaan.

After many weeks of testing, Vivaan was found to have an unusually high IQ for someone so young. Vivaan was awarded a certificate from the specialists acknowledging his exceptional talents from the Worldwide Book of Records.


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