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Fastest Time To Do 100 Inchworm Push-Ups (Youngest Girl)-World Record By Netra Shaila Yogesh Dhage

The World Record For Fastest Time To Do 100 Inchworm Push-Ups (Youngest Girl) Is Achieved By Netra Shaila Yogesh Dhage On 24 March 2023 In Pune, Maharashtra, India. She Did 100 Inchworm Push-Ups In 10 Minutes 10 Seconds And Has Set

A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

About world record Netra Shaila Yogesh Dhage

Netra Shaila Yogesh Dhage is an 11-year-old girl living in Pune, India. Netra has always been a very motivated and passionate child with big dreams. When her teacher told the class about the world record for the fastest time to do 100 Inchworm Push-Ups, she was inspired and determined to break it.

At first, Netra faced many obstacles such as the disapproval of her parents who thought she was too young and lacked the physical strength for it. However, with her relentless determination, she convinced them to let her try. With their support, Netra began her training regimen which included running, weight-lifting, and practicing push-ups. She set a goal for herself to achieve the feat within a month.

She worked hard every day and gradually saw improvements in her strength and stamina. As the day of the contest approached she trained harder than ever before and pushed herself beyond her limits. On 24 March 2023, Netra achieved a world record.


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