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World Record Of Fastest Time To Perform 50 Yogasana (Youngest Kid)- By Dhvanil Bansal

The World Record Of Fastest Time To Perform 50 Yogasana (Youngest Kid) Is Achieved By Dhvanil Bansal (Son Of Mr. Gourav Bansal And Mrs.Nishu Bansal) On 8 August 2023 In Suratgarh, Rajasthan, India. He Performed 50 Yogasana In 3 Minutes 33 Seconds At The Age Of 7 Years 3 Months 11 Days And Has Set A World Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

In an extraordinary feat of strength, flexibility, and determination, 7-year-old Dhvanil Bansal has made history by setting a world record for the fastest time to perform 50 Yogasana. Dhvanil, the youngest kid to achieve this remarkable feat, hails from Suratgarh, Rajasthan, India. With unwavering focus and dedication, Dhvanil completed the 50 Yogasana in an astounding time of 3 minutes and 33 seconds, showcasing his exceptional talent and prowess in the field of yoga.

Dhvanil Bansal's Unmatched Achievement

On the memorable day of August 8th, 2023, Dhvanil Bansal, son of Mr. Gourav Bansal and Mrs. Nishu Bansal, etched his name in the record books by accomplishing the extraordinary feat of performing 50 Yogasana in record time. The event took place in Suratgarh, Rajasthan, where Dhvanil demonstrated his incredible flexibility, strength, and mastery of various yoga poses.

The Perfect Balance of Speed and Precision

With a determined spirit and a passion for yoga, Dhvanil executed each yoga pose with precision, speed, and perfect alignment. His journey towards setting this world record began at a tender age of 4, when he first discovered the beauty and benefits of yoga. Since then, he has tirelessly trained under the guidance of experienced yoga instructors, honing his skills and strengthening his mind-body connection.

An Inspiration for Young Aspirants

Dhvanil's achievement not only showcases his own talent but also serves as an inspiration for countless young aspirants around the world. His journey reminds us that age is no barrier when it comes to accomplishing extraordinary feats. Dhvanil's determination, discipline, and dedication can motivate young minds to pursue their passions with unwavering commitment and belief in their abilities.

The Importance of Yoga for Overall Well-being

Dhvanil's remarkable achievement also highlights the significance of yoga in maintaining overall physical and mental well-being. Yoga, an ancient practice that originated in India, offers a multitude of benefits, including improved flexibility, strength, balance, and inner peace. By setting this world record, Dhvanil has not only showcased his personal talent but also highlighted the tremendous potential of yoga in nurturing a healthy and fulfilled life.

Dhvanil's Journey to Success

Born on 8th May 2016, Dhvanil Bansal exhibited a keen interest in yoga from a very young age. With the unwavering support of his parents and the guidance of experienced yoga instructors, Dhvanil embarked on a journey to master the art of yoga. He practiced daily, meticulously refining his techniques, and gradually increasing the intensity of his training.

Setting a Strong Foundation

Understanding the importance of a solid foundation, Dhvanil focused on learning the fundamental asanas, or yoga poses, before progressing to more advanced ones. This approach allowed him to develop strength, flexibility, and body awareness, ensuring he could execute each pose with perfection and ease.

Mastering the Art of Focus

One of the most impressive aspects of Dhvanil's yoga journey is his ability to maintain focus and discipline, even at such a tender age. Yoga requires mental and physical concentration, and Dhvanil embraced this aspect wholeheartedly. His unwavering dedication to his daily practice and his ability to bring his mind entirely into the present moment allowed him to perform each asana flawlessly and speedily.

Setting a World Record

On that memorable day in Suratgarh, Rajasthan, Dhvanil Bansal amazed the world with his awe-inspiring performance. Completing 50 Yogasana in a mere 3 minutes and 33 seconds, he set a world record that will be remembered for years to come. Dhvanil's achievement has earned him a rightful place in the Worldwide Book of Records, solidifying his status as one of the youngest Yoga prodigies in the world.


Dhvanil Bansal's record-breaking accomplishment serves as a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and resilience. His remarkable feat in performing 50 Yogasana in record time showcases his exceptional talent and has inspired countless young aspirants worldwide. Dhvanil has set a shining example for others to follow, reminding us that with determination, anything is possible. As we celebrate his success, we look forward to witnessing the continued growth and achievements of this incredible young yogi. Meta-description: Dhvanil Bansal, at the age of 7, sets a world record for performing 50 Yogasana in just 3 minutes and 33 seconds, inspiring young yogis worldwide.


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