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Longest Distance Covered By Skating (Female) - World Record By Geetansha Dugar

The World Record Of Longest Distance Covered By Skating (Female) Is Achieved By Geetansha Dugar On 28 February 2023 In West Bengal, India. She Started Skating From Shyam Nagar, Kolkata (India) On 2 February 2023 And Finished In Thimphu, Bhutan On 13 February 2023 And Covered 819. 5 Km Distance In A Span Of 11 Days And Has Set A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

About world record holder GEETANSHA DUGAR

Geetansha Dugar, an avid skater from Kolkata, India had a dream of skating from her hometown to Bhutan. She had been preparing for this journey for the past two years to Create a world record. Finally, the day arrived when she could put her plans into action.

Geetansha set off on her journey in Shyam Nagar on 2 February 2023 with high spirits and determination. She was accompanied by a few friends who constantly supported her throughout the journey. She skated through villages and small towns of West Bengal and Bihar, where she got to interact with the locals and gain a new perspective on life.

As she entered Bhutan, she was welcomed with open arms by the locals who were amazed by her tenacity as well as enthusiasm for skating. On 13 February 2023, Geetansha successfully completed her journey in Thimphu, 819.5 km away from home, and created a new world record. The accomplishment filled her with immense pride and joy.


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