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Largest Ceremony For Karate Colour Belts Test - Organized By Gogulam Martial Arts Academy

The World Record Of Largest Ceremony For Karate Colour Belts Test Is Achieved By Gogulam Martial Arts Academy On 31 March 2023 In Mettupalayam, Tamil Nadu, India. Gogulam Martial Arts Academy Organized A Ceremony For Karate Belts Test, Where A Total Number Of 140 Karate Player Performed Karate Techniques And Skills For Achieving Advance Level Belt And Has Set A Record For The Worldwide Book Of Records.

About world record holder Gogulam Martial arts academy

The Gogulam Martial Arts Academy held its annual Karate Belt test ceremony. 140 Karate players from all around Tamil Nadu were invited to demonstrate their skills and techniques for the advanced level belt and create a world record.

The ceremony began with a recitation of ancient martial arts principles and an overview of how to progress from one belt to the next. All the competitors lined up in front of the judges, who were some of the most renowned martial arts masters in the world.

The tests began with basic karate kicks and punches, followed by more advanced levels such as weapons, blocks and counters, animal forms, and joint locks. As the tests progressed, it became clear that some competitors had achieved incredible skill levels and had mastered even the most difficult techniques.

Finally, after hours of intense competition, most of the participant's winners emerged – who had achieved a next-level color belt in martial arts. The grandmaster himself awarded them their belts.


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